We advise you how to sell quickly and efficiently, and to safeguard your interests

We develop a customized marketing plan for each property, which includes all the real estate and legal advice you need to sell, optimizing the benefits and according to your particular interests. We face the sales process with agility and transparency.

We take care of everything, so that selling your house does not take more of your time or peace of mind then needed.

  • We value the property in a realistic way to optimize both your economic benefit and the time-frame until closing the sale and we advise you during the negotiation to obtain the best possible closing price.
  • We design the most effective communication strategy, selecting the ideal buyer profile for your property, choosing the most appropriate dissemination channels and managing the advertising to achieve maximum visibility.
  • We prepare all the legal documentation and carry out all the necessary procedures.
  • We serve interested buyers with kindness, diligence and maximum hourly availability.
  • We inform you biweekly about the status of the process, advising you on the best strategy at all times.
  • After signing the deed of sale, we manage the post-sale procedures: capital gains tax, change of annual owners’ tax and contracts of energy suppliers
  • Throughout the process we provide, when needed, all legal advice to ensure the safety of the process.


Some of the real-estate services that we offer:

Property valuation
Best communication strategy and maximum dissemination
Legal advice and management of legal procedures
Professional attention with flexible hours
Biweekly reports and comprehensive advice

Got Interested?

If you have a property in Barcelona and want to sell it, contact us. We will inform you without any costs or obligation. You can do it by phone (+34) 935 190 168 or by email venta@melvinruiz.es . You can also leave your info at the following form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

We are looking forward meeting you!

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